Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S) is a process designed to turn fluid analysis data into valuable information and is the cornerstone program among Condition Monitoring Elements (CME).

The Cat certified data interpreter identifies wear modes like Corrosion, Abrasion, Adhesive and Fatigue type. Viscosity and Additive Elements indicate whether oil formulation is proper.

Cat Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software organizes the trend data and global statistically generated wear limits are populated.

The Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S) lab data interpreter communicates with the Customer Support Engineer and learns about the application, operating techniques, customer maintenance practices, repair history, etc. Also, interpreter refers the Cat Service Information System to gain mechanical knowledge.

The Scheduled Oil Sampling (S.O.S) lab then prepares a case study of how failure may be prevented and repair cost reduced. All Yellow and Red Alert reports nned to be followed up with the customer and corrective actions need to be taken in order to reduce the customers operating and ownership cost.

Quality Management System

Gmmco S.O.S program has achieved NABL accreditation by meeting International Standards requirements as per ISO / IEC 17025:2017 norms. This is a prestigious milestone that demonstrates the capabilities of the S.O.S fluid analysis lab to grow and sustain their business while achieving greater customer satisfaction by providing timely, high quality information for equipment management.


SOS Services Customer Training

Scheduled Oil and Coolant Sampling Services Training is strongly recommended for anyone who is responsible for Oil Sampling, reviewing oil analysis reports, maintaining the overall care, service readiness and health of equipment. Customers will gain invaluable insights in to the increasingly sophisticated aspects of Fluids Analysis, Contamination Control and Data Interpretation.

S.O.S℠ Services Benefits

Proper fluid maintenance is imperative to keep machines and engines operating at peak performance. Key to the success of S.O.S Services is early detection. By monitoring your equipment throughout its lifecycle, you are able to identify problems before they grow into major repairs.

Using sophisticated analytical technology, experienced technicians perform testing on oil and coolant samples that have been taken at regularly scheduled intervals. Experts provide you with easy-to-understand, clear, concise and timely reports reflecting careful interpretations and recommendations.

Gmmco will help you develop a plan uniquely suited to your operation, taking into consideration the various models of equipment that you operate, the kind of work you do and your current maintenance practices.

S.O.S Services is one of the most important maintenance support programs available.
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S.O.S℠ Services Critical Success Factors

Oil-Coolant-Filter Debris Analysis

Sample Integrity

Fluid samples must be completely representative and free of outside contaminants. Homogenous sample can only be obtained from fluid that is well mixed from current operation. Samples contaminated with dirt and water are useless and waste of valuable, time and resources.

Data Integrity

The machine/engine data that accompanies the sample must represent the sample itself. By providing all the label information requested, the full value of S.O.S Services will be realized.

Send Samples Promptly

Time is of the essence in a proactive condition monitoring program. Unreasonable delays in sending the samples to the S.O.S lab for processing can result in mounting costs, if an abnormal condition exists.

Develop Trends

Trend Analysis is one method used to evaluate the analytical data. Deviations in well-established wear trends allow us to be even more proactive and confident when indicating possible problems.

Reach us to know your equipment health through fluid analysis.

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