Built to Rebuild.

When most competitive models would require replacement, Cat® equipment can be rebuilt to deliver a cost-effective "second life". Rebuild your machine at 20-60% of the cost of a new.

Benefits of a Rebuild

Like-new performance at a fraction of the new price

Genuine Cat® parts used

New parts warranty on all replaced parts

Financing available on Rebuilds

Work completed by Trained Service Professionals

Tailored Rebuild options to suit your requirements

*Terms and Conditions apply

CAT® Parts Warranty. Double the Confidence

The overriding goal for the longer warranty period is to encourage our customers to extend the lifecycle of their equipment by using genuine Cat parts. Because each genuine part ensures best quality, proven reliability and long-lasting value for their equipment.

Quality CAT® Parts for All CAT® Machine Repairs

This longer, stronger warranty term reflects absolute confidence in the proven reliability of Cat parts.

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