Gmmco’s Hydraulic Cylinder Repair center is a state of art repair shop at Nagpur at 4500 sqft area. The Shop has 5 bays is equipped with the most advanced and latest equipment. We have the infrastructure, expertise as well as the tooling, and parts inventory to provide fast, dependable hydraulic cylinder repairs on every make and model of equipment.

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Hydraulic Services

  • Cylinder Re-Sealing
  • Honing of Barrel & Tube
  • Surface Finishes & Polishing of Rods
  • Re-tubing & Re-rodding
  • Testing – Load, Cycle, Leak
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  • Experienced man power for undertaking quality repair
  • Use of Caterpillar seal, designed for optimum performance
  • Repairs done as per OEM specification
  • Repaired cylinders undergo Load, Leak and Cycle Test for better performance
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Warranty of 12 months*

* terms and conditions apply

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Exceptional quality control — We bench and leak test all cylinders as necessary in a contamination controlled environment.

Fast turnaround times — We have dedicated service engineers per machine who ensure each of the cylinder rebuild process is strictly adhered minimizing repair time.

Expert advice — We adhere to Caterpillar guidelines to help you make informed repair vs. replace decisions.

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The Gmmco difference

We work with government agencies of all sizes, in all industries. We understand that, keeping costs in line and cycle times on schedule is an important priority for you. To help you succeed, we’ve invested heavily in our hydraulic repair capabilities.

Our state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to perform full-scale repairs including system troubleshooting, Cylinder honing, grinding, machining, and pressure and load testing which are integral parts of our hydraulic repair service. The facility has all the equipments and highly trained manpower to repair cylinders quickly and at a fair price performing following tasks.

  • Complete cylinder re-sealing using quality OEM replacement parts.
  • Washing all components to remove contaminants and checking for leaks and other flaws.
  • Cylinder honing to extend component life by removing scratches and restoring the original crosshatch pattern
  • Re-tubing damaged cylinders, keeping salvageable components and saving you considerably compared to the replacement cost
  • Precision straightening of bent rods
  • Re-boring worn cylinder rods and eyes back to the Caterpillar specifications
  • Manufacturing and repair of Piston/ Piston rods / Cylinder barrels / Head & Glands
  • Front and Rear Strut overhaul and repair
  • Hard Chrome Plating

Learn more about our Hydraulic Repair Services

This is the all in one solution for servicing standard and Multi-Stage Hydraulic Cylinder both Large and Small. We have the specialized tooling in-house to remove and re-install the toughest piston assembly.
The Cylinder barrel with high quality steel is internally honed with maximumroughness of 0.40 micron Ra with H8 bore tolerance. Roller burnished tubes with high toughness;wear resistance and low surface roughness are also available. We can hone cylinder tube of 6 meter length with accuracy of < 0.4 µ m.
The Piston Head and Gland are machined to high degree of accuracy and surface finish to a common centerline for the cylinder body.to achieve critical surface finishes in the seal grooves.Polishingof cylinder components with accuracy of < 0.4 µ m. The piston rods undergo grinding and polishingto bring it back to the original Spec.
Your Hydraulic Cylinders are rebuilt to the highest relevant quality standard. Their ruggedness and reliability ensures a longer life reducing downtime and your maintenance costs.Repairs are done as per OEM specifications.
We load test every rebuild cylinder to assure that there are no leaks! Every cylinder passes through stringent quality control check. Dimensional inspection / Proof Pressure testing / Internal Leakage Test / Load Test for the cycle of operation to be specified by customer on in house 750 Ton Test Rig.
In addition to using high-quality seals, we light-hone the cylinder assuring an extended seal life. This also providesoptimumperformance of your hydraulic cylinder.


Our Custom Hydraulic Service is designed to enhance the life of hydraulic components of the equipment.
  • Audit of hydraulic system performance like Cycle Time, Drift Rates and Pump flow
  • Particle count for metallic and non-metallic particles
  • Use of Kidney Loop filtration system to control oil contamination
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Learn more about other Repair Center services

We offer different levels of repair options which cover engine repair before breakdown, overhaul of engine including or excluding injector, fuel pump, turbo charger, inspection of components, replacing seals, gaskets, replacement of bearings, dealer build repair, dealer build repair with Reman components, dealer build repair with replacement of short and long blocks. Options also cover major and minor overhaul, Gmmco exchange and replacement of Cat new engine for all your engine related repairs. Minor repairs for transmission are carried out at your site and major repairs are undertaken at our repair center. We provide options for a new Cat engine to give your equipment the power it needs.

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GMMCO’s state-of-the-art facility at Nagpur and Chennai Machine Rebuild Centre (MRC) helps its customers achieve optimum component life and reliability through world-class rebuild practices. Equipped to rebuild and test all major components and largest equipment Caterpillar produces today, the MRC meets the same safety, quality and contamination standards as the Caterpillar factory.GMMCO’s state-of-the-art facility at Nagpur and Chennai Machine Rebuild Centre (MRC) helps its customers achieve optimum component life and reliability through world-class rebuild practices. Equipped to rebuild and test all major components and largest equipment Caterpillar produces today, the MRC meets the same safety, quality and contamination standards as the Caterpillar factory.

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Gmmco Hose Assembly shop can manufacture Hoses! Our Cat Hoses and Couplings offer unrivalled performance and durability on all kinds of equipment and brands. Multiple-ply hose, strengthened with high tensile reinforcement wire, couplings forged and machined from high tensile strength steel, heat treated and plated to ensure maximum durability and corrosion resistance. Cat hydraulic Hose and Couplings are subjected to the most rigorous testing in the industry, and they are tested as a system and not as separate components to ensure a perfect fit that delivers maximum safety and dependability. Our dealer technicians are uniquely skilled to assemble and install Cat Hoses and Couplings on Cat and other brands using the latest tooling, assembly information, routing standards, inspection techniques and contamination control processes.

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Gmmco’s state-of-the-art facilities meet world-class quality standards for repair, rebuild and contamination control. The Component Rebuild Center at Nagpur is accredited with 5-Star Contamination Control which is retained for the 11th consecutive year. The Integrated Repair Facility at Chennai is certified by DNV -ISO 9001:2015, 14001 & 45001. Comprehensive inspection, testing, repairs and other operations are carried out in dedicated facilities for hose crimp, components, dynamo, load bank testing, hose rebuild and more, offering you world-class repair. The engineers who work on your equipment are highly-skilled Cat certified technicians who ensure high-quality standards are maintained. We also have an oil testing lab (SOS) to conduct fluid analysis to understand and predict the health condition of your equipment.

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Using sophisticated analytical technology, experienced technicians perform testing on oil and coolant samples that have been taken at regularly scheduled intervals. Experts provide you with easy-to-understand, clear, concise and timely reports, reflecting careful interpretations and recommendations. The service enables you to detect problems early to prevent major failures, helps you schedule downtime and manage your workload, monitors positives as well as negatives, so you won't have to pay for the repair of components that are not worn out, monitors maintenance schedules for better performance, enables you to better manage budgets by predicting repairs, downtime and equipment life, helps you develop a complete service history for each machine, documents service history for a higher price at trade-in or sale.

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