Rental and Used Equipment Solutions

Rental & Used Equipment solutions from Gmmco-Cat make smart business sense for short-term, one-off or non-critical requirements.

Alongside our wide range of New Equipment that you can purchase for the long-term, Gmmco also encourages you to consider cost-effective Rental Solutions or Used Equipment solutions especially when your business needs are of short-term nature or are not critical.

Between our Rental, Used and New (R.U.N) equipment range, our sales team can offer you comprehensive “R.U.N” solutions which can be a healthy mix of Rental, Used and New products to serve your application the best.

The R.U.N Calculator will help you decide when you should prefer purchase of new equipment, when you should consider rental, and when you should decide upon purchase of Used (or Low Hour Used) equipment, based upon criticality of use, availability at site, and usage expected.

Do discuss this aspect with our sales engineers to understand which of our solutions will serve you best.

Use the R.U.N Calculator to gauge your requirement and make your decision.
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When you need to combine the lower cost of a used equipment with the reliability of a new one, you should consider Cat® Certified Used.

  • To serve the needs of those who are looking for a budget solution yet requiring reliable and near-new performance from their Machines, Gmmco offers Cat Certified Used (CCU) equipment.
  • CCU Machines are used machines that are bought over by us and then subjected to rigorous tests, overhauls and service at our state-of-the-art repair/rebuild workshops to bring them to near-new condition.
  • Each such machine is then inspected and certified as having been brought up to strict Caterpillar standards.
  • Up to 140 inspection points cover the entire machine — from engine, hydraulics, tyres/tracks, transmission and electrical systems, down to the finer points of the operator station and general appearance.
  • CCU machines are serviced using only original Cat parts, fluids and filters. This level of quality control enables each CCU machine to be sold with a warranty.
Ten good reasons to rent image

Ten good reasons to rent

To serve the needs of those who are looking for a budget solution yet requiring reliable and near-new performance from their Machines, Gmmco offers Cat Certified Used (CCU) equipment. Gmmco offers Cat Certified Used (CCU) To serve the needs of those who are looking To serve the needs of those who are looking.
Expect the latest technology from the Cat Rental Stores. We rent Caterpillar equipment utilizing the most innovative ideas available today. Also, you will be using the right equipment to get the job done right. No more “just getting by” with the wrong equipment.
Now you can eliminate costly service shops, service tooling, spare parts and those cumbersome maintenance records. We do it all for you. Our rental agreements typically cover complete maintenance of the equipment, so you don’t have to.
No need to maintain a storage yard. Just give us a call for quick pick-up or simply drop off the equipment at the nearest Cat Rental Store when you’ve finished using it. We’ll take care of the equipment storage.
Renting frees up your business’ capital. An expense is only incurred for the equipment when it is needed for a particular job. The extra capital you save through renting equipment from The Cat Rental Store can be applied to the other demands within your business so you can grow profitably. Release your business from the costs associated to equipment ownership.
Renting equipment does not appear as a liability on your business’ balance sheet. So renting can actually increase your borrowing power by offering a better ratio of assets to liabilities.
Equipment ownership can be costly. The value of equipment depreciates over time. Renting from The Cat Rental Store allows you to use the latest technology equipment without the concern of costly depreciation. No more trying to get the job done with old, worn out equipment.
You may be considering buying a certain model of equipment and would like to operate it on your job to make sure it suits you before making that potential purchase. What better way to thoroughly try out equipment than to rent a similar machine from the large selection of equipment at The Cat Rental Store.
Your job requirements are always changing and you need to stay up with your customers’ demands. You may not always have the right equipment to get the job done, but we do. Rely on The Cat Rental Store to quickly supply the equipment you need to get the job done.
Our team can knowledgeably consult you on equipment and applications. We will work to become your trusted rental source and make your job easier. We are only a phone call away