Why Solar Energy?

Geographically, India is perfectly placed to maximize the benefits of solar energy, as most of its area receives sunlight for over 330 days each year.

save fuel Saves fuel cost
save fuel Saves maintenance cost
save fuel Reliable power source for 300+ days/year
save fuel Breakeven in 3-5 years
save fuel Life of installation 25+ years
save fuel Reduced Carbon Footprint


Solar Microgrid Solutions from Gmmco are among the most efficient renewable energy systems available in India. With experience of over three decades in power generation and expertise in project implementation, we deliver world-class performance and reliability.

Our services include:

  • Assessment & Design: Based on extensive study of customer requirements and site conditions, our in-house team of experts proposes the ideal solutions. The latest technology is used for analysis of information on irradiation and environmental conditions of the preferred location, to arrive at installation capacity and design parameters.
  • Offerings: We offer end-to-end project management solutions for solar energy systems including equipment supply, installation, testing and commissioning. Gmmco is uniquely positioned to offer hybrid solutions that combine the use of solar energy with that of diesel generator sets and battery storage. Our systems are easily scalable and come with remote monitoring capability.
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Salient Features of our System

save fuel Remote monitoring
save fuel High efficiency
save fuel Extensive Product Support
save fuel Scalability
save fuel Energy Storage
save fuel Hybrid Solutions
save fuel Structural and Performance Warranty
Integrated Hybrid Power solution from Gmmco
Comprehensive support and services to keep you going

Providing world-class solution is just a beginning. We at Gmmco go that extra mile in ensuring timely and efficient support services for the machine or equipment you have purchased. This is why we have introduced GmmcoAssist – a multi-functional service designed to support you in many ways that increases the uptime, thus improving efficiency.